Canadian Association for Nursing Research (CANR)

The Canadian Association for Nursing Research (CANR) is a national organization with representation from every province and territory. We are a Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) interest group and as such, serve on the CNA Advisory Council.

The purpose of CANR is to foster research-based nursing practice and practice-based nursing research by:

  • providing information about research studies, methods, funding and other resources
  • strengthening linkages between research, education, administration,and clinical practice
  • representing members' interests to governments, funding agencies, and other nursing organizations
  • recognizing excellence in research activities
  • educating professionals and the public about the significance of the nursing research-practice partnership

Canadian Journal of Nursing Research

Canadian Journal for Nursing Research is the official journal of CANR. I is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal published by the McGill University School of Nursing since 1969. With world-wide circulation, CJNR's primary mandate is to publish original nursing research that develops basic knowledge for the discipline and examines the application of the knowledge in practice. Research related to education and history is also welcomed, as are methodological, theoretical, and review papers that advance nursing science. Letters or commentaries about published articles are encouraged. CANR members have reduced subscription rates.

Edited by: Sean P. Clarke


2014 CANR AGM - save the date

The Canadian Association for Nursing Research Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday June 18th in Winnipeg, during the CNA Biennium. We would love as many members as possible to be in attendance but there will be telecommuting possibilities.

The 2104 Award Recipients will be announced and honoured at the meeting.

We will also have a booth at the Biennium on Tuesday morning.



CANR Award Recipients, 2012

  • Fatima Al Sayah
    2012 CANR Rising Star Graduate Student Research Award
  • Dr. Genevieve Thompson
    2012 CANR Outstanding New Investigator Award
  • Dr. Wendy Duggleby
    2012 CANR Nurse Researcher Award



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